EU Ambassador visits startups supported by EU-SMEDA

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EU Ambassador visits startups supported by EU-SMEDA

On March 15, the "Support to SME Development in Armenia (EU-SMEDA)" project was honoured to host  EU Ambassador Piotr Świtalski at a site visit to a number of EU-supported initiatives aiming to boost the startup ecosystem in Armenia.  

The visit started with a press conference with journalists at the EU-SMEDA supported Hero House, who then followed the Ambassador in his tour to the startups: more on the Twitter

The first presentation was on the  Armenia Startup Academy, where the Ambassador was introduced to the 12-week pre-acceleration programme offered to Armenian startups to capacitate them for further acceleration and global markets. He met also some of the most successful graduates of the programme who were further granted EU4Business IMG and STEP grants: Embry, Renderchain, Breedge, etc: more on the Twitter

The visit was followed then to another two exciting startups having much to share on their success alraedy: Pixomatic - EU4Buisness IMG grantee: more on the Twitter  and Chessify - EU4Business IMG grantee: more on the Twitter.

The Ambassador was particularly interested on the impact the EU support had on the startups, in terms of growth, employees, turnover, etc.

The next stop was the National Polytechnic University and the ANEL laboratories that are currently implementing a number of innovation driven projects, including with involvement of young students  Polytechnic Studentswho are promising startups in the near future.

Here, the Ambassador met with Grovf - EU4Business STEP grantee that is developing a revolutionary database server and has recorded another success as a HORIZON 2020 SME instrument grantee with technical support by EU-SMEDA project. And last but not least, was the presentation by STEM Didactics, a recent winner of EU4Business STEP grant offering PinoKit- a user-friendly and all-inclusive training app for STEM students.

The tour ended with the official launch of the Startup Europe Week, supported by EU-SMEDA for the second year already among other partners and main organisers, where the Ambassador reiterated EU’s support to the startup and innovation ecosystems in Armenia, shared information about the upcoming support and new projects in this regard: more on the Twitter.

The GIZ Country Director Anne Kempa delivered an opening speech highlighting the main achievements that EU-SMEDA project, which is co-funded by BMZ and implemented by GIZ, had achieved during the last 3 years: more on the Twitter

EU-SMEDA’s support was presented in more details by its Team Leader Eva Naeher: more on the Twitter

 Among other media outlets, the Armenian Public TV has covered the event with the footage available at:

A tweet summing up the site visit by EU Armenia is available at:

The press release shared with media outlets is available at: Press Release

Furthermore, EU-SMEDA has previously prepared a v-blog series on most of the EU4Buiness IMG and STEP grantees (1st cycle) among them:
















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