Armenian Technology park managers on a study visit to Slovenia for learning and knowledge transfer

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Armenian Technology park managers on a study visit to Slovenia for learning and knowledge transfer

From April 15-19, 2019 the managers and leading staff of Enterprise Incubator Foundation and Armenian Technology centers: Gyumri Technology Center, Vanadzor Technology Center and Engineering City, visited Ljubljana’s Technology Park in Slovenia.  The study visit aimed at learning and knowledge transfer on business support and innovation ecosystem environment in Technology park of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Ljubljana’s Technology Park was established 2 decades ago and since then has proven to be the biggest and most impactful technology hub in Southeast Europe, serving as a home to 300+ member companies, innovative teams and individuals. It has sound experience in boosting the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems, knowledge commercialisation and globalisation in the country in close collaboration with the Government of Slovenia. As to date, the techno park is fully self-sustainable with steady contribution into country’s taxation system.

In the course of the short visit, the Armenian Delegation had the chance to meet the management and tenants of Ljubljana’s Techno park, learn on its commercial programmes and community, EU and nationally funded initiatives for supporting young entrepreneurs, boosting smart specializations and entrepreneurial pilot projects.

Furthermore, meetings were held with the Government of Slovenia: Ministry for Education, Science and Sports, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Slovene Enterprise Fund, the Municipality of Ljubljana to learn on the IT and high-tech support programmes and policies, technology and innovation strategies and cooperation with the local technology centers for implementation of smart specialisations and pilot projects.

On the last day of the visit, a Memorandum of Understating was signed between the Enterprise Incubator Foundation of Armenia and Technology Park Ljubljana for Cooperation in the fields of Information technology and communications, engineering, high-tech and innovation.

This is certainly a big success leading to joint technological skill development projects, joint ventures, research and development (R&D), collaboration between countries to empower development of Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, engineering and many other technological fields in both countries. Furthermore, the MoU entails joint projects on startup support, acceleration and grant programmes, joint research, mission of experts and exchange.

The participating managers and staff of Armenian Tech centers had truly appreciated the visit highlighting the most important learning aspects at Technology park Ljubljana, such as its membership policy, sales structure, active engagement in EU programmes, newly established partnership and cooperation, etc.

The study visit took place in the framework of Support to SME Development in Armenia (EU-SMEDA) project.

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