Armenian statisticians exchange with Danish colleagues on SME statistics

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Armenian statisticians exchange with Danish colleagues on SME statistics

Following the four expert missions on SME statistics organised by EU-SMEDA aiming at enhancement of capacities of the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia (NSSRA) in SME Statistics in line with EU standards and best practices (check out the highlight here), SMEDA has organised a study tour for the respective staff of NSSRA to Statistics Denmark from 9-11 April, 2018.
The key topics discussed and observed in Denmark were: information sources for the maintenance of SME statistics; feasibility of selecting criteria for the maintenance of SME statistics; the framework for the maintenance of SME statistics: segmentation of information on economic entities (what types of economic activity should be included in the SME statistics); identification of the main activity type and location of the main activity of SME units; calculation of the value added for SME units; sources of receiving information on SME units belonging to the same economic unit (affiliated); mechanisms to identify an affiliation between SME units and peculiarities of the maintenance of SME demography in EU countries.
Apart from the mentioned information, Armenian statisticians were introduced to the experience and practice of the Danish Statistical Service in collection, compilation and publication of SME statistics according to EUROSTAT and OECD standards.
The study tour along with the four expert missions on SME statistics enabled the NSSRA to get the required and up to date know how and methods enabling them to produce and publish high quality and accurate SME statistics with various sub-sectoral analyses to be widely used by stakeholders and SMEs in Armenia.

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