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Toolbox - Design Thinking Methods


In July 2017 SMEDA invited to a first Design Thinking Workshop for the introduction of User-Centred Approaches in Armenia. The team from Innovation Radicals developed a toolbox for various Design Thinking Methods for the trainers trained during the sessions. Have a look at how Design Thinking can help to change Armenian SMEs operations.

Introduction SME Instrument - H2020


The presentation gives an introduction to the Horizon 2020 “SME Instrument” application process and requirements. In particular it shares the Civitta experience who have been successfully working with SMEs on SME Instrument. SMEDA supports four Armenian companies in their application for SME Instrument, cut-off date November 09, 2017

Precision Engineering Pitch Deck


This Pitch Deck lets you explore 12 promising Armenian Precision Engineering (PE) Companies. PE has been defined as a priority sector for development by the RA Government. SMEDA has supported 9 PE companies to participate in DigiTec Expo 2017 and present their products and services to the interested public and businesses.

Report on Design Thinking Workshops


This report illustrates further challenges and insights from the workshops on the Design Thinking conducted between 20-29 July, 2017 by Innovation Radicals as part of the SMEDA project. The first workshop qualified 16 Armenians as facilitators for the second workshop at the Sevan Startup Summit. In the second workshop, 70 startups were offered to opportunity to apply user centered design methods and Design Thinking.

Armenian Startups Booklet


This booklet presents the 15 promising Armenian startups who have participated at the Armenian Startup Academy Berlin aiming at creating linkages to the European ecosystem by offering tailored training and support in business.

A Journey to High Tech Armenia


The Armenian technological talent and affinity continues – the IT has grown to be one of the most important and promoted industries, with thousands of engineers and developers. We want to introduce you to some of the surprising Armenian startups, so join our journey to Innovative Armenia!

Armenian Fashion Designers @ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days


With SMEDA's support, 12 Armenian designers have participated at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days held in Kiev, Ukraine from August 31 to September 3, 2017 to present the Armenian fashion culture internationally, through the unique garments collections inspired by Armenian spirit and cultural elements.

BMOs Development Initiative in Armenia for SMEDA Programme


The BMO sector in Armenia is relatively young, and has substantial room for development, which presents both challenges and opportunities that should be properly addressed in order to develop the sector which in its turn will contribute to the development of the SME sector and business environment in general.

Report_SIA Conference 2017


The Armenian Delegation consisting of 2 representatives from the RA Ministry of Economic Development and Investments and 1 representative from Alliance Free Economic Zone have participated in a 2-day International Conference on Sustainable Industrial Park, Free Zone and had several official and non-official meetings with key speakers.

Training & Facilitation Workshop On Graphic Recording in Armenia


The Report summarises Graphic Recording workshop held from May 17-21, 2017 aiming to build skills and capacities in the field of Graphic Recording for selected graphic designers from Armenia, enabling them to provide these innovative services themselves in the future. The graphic recorders trained here are the first graphic recorders in Armenia.