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Statistical Bulletin on "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in Armenia" published


Statistical bulletin on "Small & Medium Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Armenia" was officially presented to the stakeholders on Nov. 26, 2018. This is a must-have for elaboration of SME-related policies & strategies at professional and research level, containing comprehensive data on SME sector of Armenia, in line with international statistics standards, compiled and published in Armenia for the first time by the National Statistical Service, supported by EU-SMEDA project.

Study of Cultural and Creative Industries of Armenia


This report presents the results of a comprehensive study of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) of Armenia conducted in May-September 2018 with focus on Armenia’s main cities – Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor – and five sub-sectors: 1. Film; 2. Fashion design; 3. Music; 4. Marketing and advertising and 5. Software and games development

SME Strategy Evaluation Report and Recommendations


The SME Strategy and Evaluation Report was compiled in the framework of EU-SMEDA project at the request of the RA Ministry of Economic Development and Investments. It intends to serve as a funding document in development of the new SME Strategy for Armenia based on the thorough analyses and evaluation of the current situation in SME sector and recommendation in line with international best practices.

Textile Value Chain analyses of Northern Regions of RA


This analysis was carried out to study textile value chain of Lori and Shirak provinces of the Republic of Armenia that used to be leading manufacturers with rich traditions during the Soviet era. The purpose of these studies was to identify existing problems in the industry; to evaluate existing opportunities; competitive advantages; the unused potential; the export potential to Europe and the potential for selling to member countries of the EEU; the existing value chain links and possibilities for their improvement.

Value Added by the Size of Enterprises in Jan-May, 2018


This publication provides the first of its kind statistics in Armenia for 2016 on value added by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Armenia, grouped according to the size of organisations and types of economic activities. It is produced in the framework of EU-SMEDA project with the assistance of experts from Denmark and Lithuanian statistical services in cooperation with the National Statistics Service of Armenia.

Report_Creative Hubs in Armenia


The Report provides an assessment for establishment of Creative Hubs in Armenia and what their roles and functions would be in 3 major cities: Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor. A number of practical recommendations are introduced based on careful examination of the current situation and the best international experience.

Handbook & Report_Storytelling for Crowdfunding Campaigns


This comprehensive handbook and report titled "Storytelling for Crowdfunding Campaigns" guides through the steps and techniques essential for successful crowdfunding campaigns, followed after a training for 12 Armenian startups interested in launching their own crowdfunding campaigns.

Armenian Business Membership Organisations


The booklet is introducing 13 Armenian Business Membership organsations (BMO) that were selected to become part of the EU-SMEDA's BMO Academy initiated to strengthen the role of BMOs in Armenia through on-job trainings, mentorship and a study visit to a number of prominent Business Membership Organisations in EU.

Report on Creative Writing Training for Business Journalists


The report elaborates on the Creative Writing course for business journalists who regularly report on economic, business, innovation and startup issues, and the goal was to help boost the journalists’ business reporting skills with a mix of theory and practical exercises.

Report on Gyumri Branding Workshop


The report presents an overview of a series of workshops from Dec. 11-13, 2017, run in Gyumri by a Dutch expert in cooperation with Deem Communications and supported by SMEDA project, aiming at supporting the Gyumri branding initiative.