The story of Yana and Arev: 2 young women bringing innovation to Armenia

This story is about 2 young Armenian women: Yana and Arev. Both have been engaged in EU-SMEDA's capacity building events and now are actively applying the gained know-how in their profession with more innovative spark and ingenuity. As a graphic designer, Yana has been engaged in graphic recording for two years. She acquired this skill at courses held within the framework of the project ''Support for SME Development in Armenia''(EU SMEDA), which is co-financed by the European Union under its EU4Business initiative. Having taken part in courses in 2017, she pretty much mastered her profession in a week. Now, she is ready to conduct such trainings abroad. “Since this skill is not particularly common in Russia and Georgia, I am planning a number of trainings there,” Yana said an interview. Thanks to the EU SMEDA project, Arev Hambardzumyan, an information technology specialist, has improved her skills as well. She is another young specialist who believes that there are enough good opportunities for young people in the labour market in Armenia. Arev is a Chief technical officer of two companies in Armenia. She says that there is a shortage of workers in her sector.

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